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Does your Sig shoot low?

This is a discussion on Does your Sig shoot low? within the SIG Sauer Pistols forums, part of the SIG Sauer Forum category; (I will preface this post by admitting I can be an idiot from time to time) I spent the day at the range with my ...

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Old 07-11-2020, 05:21 PM   #61
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(I will preface this post by admitting I can be an idiot from time to time)

I spent the day at the range with my 3 P239s today - I realized awhile back that two of them always shot low - well of course they shot where I aimed them... but for some reason with the same ammo and the same shooter (me) at the same distance. One was perfect, well close enough - slightly low and to the right 1" or so... at 7 yards (21'). The others were at least 4" low at the same distance.

I could not remember which ones shot low, so went thru 200 rounds, wrote the serial numbers on each target so I knew which gun went with each target. And rotated thru the group twice, I mixed them up as to not get used to shooting one gun more than the other.

One is a SAS Gen 2 - One is a new one I bought a few years back and rarely ever shot, and one I picked up at a pawn shop used. Of course the one from the pawn shop was the one that I could shoot the best.

In the end - the two I had bought new, that I consistently shot low with had #8 rear, #6 Front.

The pawn shop gun had #8 rear, #8 Front. Not sure if it came that way of if the previous owner swapped them.

I just ordered three SIG SAUER Tritium Fiber Optic Front #8... I am hoping they all aim the same after I am finished.

I also have a P229 - it is a tack driver - but that has an adjustable rear sight that I have adjusted to its max. And a P938, which is perfect as well...

So not sure why the two P239s ar setup that way.

Ooh, and one of the reasons I am an idiot in this case - After I placed the order, I went looking for my sight tool. I found it, and in the box with my sight tool was a new set of #8 and #8 night sights, still in the bag. I must have figured this out years ago, and forgot.
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switching from a rifle to a handgun i have had to adjust to this exact issue, first few days I was shooting low and could not understand it, this was my same issue and im workng on it now to adjst my vison
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No. It doesnít shoot low at all. In fact my Scorpion P220 is the most accurate pistol I own. I can consistently hit a steel pie plate at 50m with no sight picture adjustment. Itís hands down the best pistol I own. Iíve never heard of this low hitting shots problem. Training, I believe, plays a huge part in how accurate a person is with their firearms. Watch YouTube videos, dry fire train, take a shooting course. Any of these will make you a better shooter if you train properly. Just my .02
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The pistol is always blamed. Everyone here knows its the shooter 99.9 % of the time. Try telling that to most shooters tho lol. They say, I been shooting since I was a kid, 30-40, years blah blah, thats the things you hear. . So I have a friend who has a line of creds a mile long which I wont even bother mentioning. So what he does is set up video and he loads the shooters mags. randomly there is a snap cap or 2 maybe even 3 on higher cap mags. BAM proofs in the pudding. The look on their faces when watching the replay as the snap cap hits. Such an awesome way to distinguish bad technique. Ive seen many a shooter that has changed sights, did this did that all because they cant look inward FIRST. No problem can be corrected before its identified.
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Agreed with everything you just said. I’ve been shooting with a buddy like that. He was squawking about how his sights were off on his 1911 and he wasn’t hitting any targets at all. I asked if I could try it and proceeded to hit a target with every round. The look of disbelief on his face haha. He was one of those “I’ve been shooting my whole life” kinda guys.
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My p365 shoots low at 15 yards so I am above the bullseye. My other guns including the sigs that I owned all shot fine. I have no issues with the p365 but just aim higher
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