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Has anyone here trained with $Hollow Points$ as much as FMJ's?

This is a discussion on Has anyone here trained with $Hollow Points$ as much as FMJ's? within the SIG Sauer Pistols forums, part of the SIG Sauer Forum category; It's great you can shoot as often as you do, but you're spending far too much on your range ammo - this is a lot ...

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It's great you can shoot as often as you do, but you're spending far too much on your range ammo - this is a lot better price:

Better yet, keep checking different vendors on-line - they offer free shipping periodically.

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Originally Posted by completekneebiter View Post
My range does't allow outside reloads, even from a manufacturer like Freedom Munitions, so only new ammo for me. I have used their reloads at other places, but 95% of my shooting is at my local range, so I just buy the new ammo in bulk. My brother in law buys the brass for his reloads, so I get a break on cost.
A range I shot at for a few years had that "no reloads" policy for around the first 3 years it was in existence, then got rid of it later.

While they had the policy, I bought a few boxes of Magtech ammo and then picked a few empty Magtech boxes out of the trash bins in the range.

When I went to the range, they inspected the Magtech factory ammo, then I went in and shot the reloads in the other Magtech boxes in my range bag.

They must have inspected those same boxes well over 100 times. I've still got 'em stuck away in the closet in case I need them again in the future.
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I don't shoot that many SD through my carry pistols, maybe 50 rounds as a reliability check, but I practice with the FMJ equivalent from the same manufacturer. Federal HST 147 +P and American Eagle 147 FMJ. I buy my ammo at SGAmmo. My CCW pistols in order of most use - PPS original, Gen 2 Glock 19, and HK P30SK LEM.

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Originally Posted by Trevor View Post
This month so far I shot 10 boxes of Winchester white box 115gr 9mm FMJ. Through my Glock 17, P320, and M2.0 and this "target ammo" has been stone cold reliable. I only had 1 failure to eject in my M2.0, quickly yanked the slide, back into fire mode. I looked at the fired casing, the area where it's usually sharp where the extractor hooks the casing, was slightly rounded, causing the extractor to slip off.

That's 1000 rounds and not 1 single fail to fire, stove pipe etc. Last month I shot 800 rounds. I had to confirm this by looking at my Cabela's credit card statement lol.

Now my daily carry self defense ammo is Federal HST 124gr hollow points, and I've tested 60 rounds through each gun (180 rounds).

BUT..........I simply do NOT have that confidence in the HST's like I do with the "target ammo" FMJ's. I know what Hollow Points do to human flesh, I know a bit about ballistics. Hollow points disrupt nearby organs even in the low-gut/low center mass area. The temporary wound expansion is roughly 3-6 inches wide/round after only 2 inches of flesh. FMJ's just zip through, literally. At best they have half the temporary wound expansion of Hollow points. Even head shots, Hollow points destroy more brain tissue because when it expands (even a little bit) it destroys surrounding tissue. FMJ again, zips right through, it will still kill with a head shot, but the hollow point makes the bad guy.....more "dead" LOL.

Now I'm not rich, I train a lot, and I always use FMJ's because they are cheap, but can anyone here honestly tell me that they have more confidence in Hollow Points when they haven't shot nearly as much as basic "target ammo"?

If you have shot $1000+ of Hollow Points, please let me know. I seriously am amazed at how this cheap stuff performs. So in the past almost two months, I've shot 1800 rounds, and again 1 failure to eject.

1800 rounds FMJ Winchester =18 boxes x $24.99 which is $449.82 before tax.

180 rounds Hollow Point HST's = 9 boxes x $25.99 which is $233.91 before tax

If I trained with the same amount of Federal HST's that would add up to $2,339.10 before tax!

FMJ's do have a bad rap for over penetrating which can and will injure and kill others. Just remember, self defense encounters usually go down/last under 5 seconds, within 5 yards, with no one around. After all how many times do you see an attacker/robber/thug committing a crime and robbing/shooting someone in public?

Another thing is missing your attacker. It's not some controlled range, where you are perfectly shooting down a lane, lining up your sights. You WILL MISS, and miss big time when you and the attacker is moving. Technically "Hollow Points" kill easier and faster with center mass wounds. We all know that, so if you hit a bystander, it's easier for them to die with a Hollow Point from your gun. How about Bones? FMJ destroys bones easier than Hollow Points, it's the ONE advantage it has over Hollow Points in the "flesh" etc.

Confidence in your tools, in this case, guns, is Paramount! Thoughts?

Have a great weekend!
If you're going to have issues with your hollow points 180 Rds will tell you. Don't trust your life to fmjs. You're doing more than most. That's a good thing.

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To answer the OP question, no. However, I do train with my carry round. I try to get 124gr FMJs to train with, but the standard 115gr is suitable for most training purposes.
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Confidence. The logic, the math...don't lie and aren't mysterious.

If the level of confidence is based on the number of rounds fired without any issues.....then smaller round count will always equate to less confidence.

What is sufficient? No matter how high the round count......the next one COULD be a failure. It isn't a perfect world, and there is NO ammunition with a history or never having failed anywhere at anytime in every gun.

You have to decide what level of confidence you need, what it takes to achieve it, and can you afford it.

Like most here, I am comfortable with the level of confidence training mostly with FMJ, and periodically confirming accuracy and no failures with the JHP's that I carry.

Carry a quality firearm with quality ammunition. That's as good as it gets.
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Typically I just shoot range ammo. Since I recently changed my EDC, I went through around 200 rounds of HP's just to be certain there were no issues with them.

Its a good idea to occasionally run some of your preferred defensive rounds through, but I don't think its really needed to run too much of it. Would get expensive really quickly.
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I run 300 to 500 rds of SD ammo through a gun before I carry either - the gun or ammo. I don't shoot as much as some of you, but when I do go to the range I'll shoot 200 to 300 FMJ the always end the session with a box of 50 HP - the HP Icarry for that gun.
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Originally Posted by sevycat View Post
Most folks here recommend 500 or more as a test for carry ammo in a gun without issue before they are settled on that ammo with that gun.
This. You don't have to shoot thousands. But I would certainly shoot more than 60.
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Originally Posted by 7.62Kolectr View Post
This. You don't have to shoot thousands. But I would certainly shoot more than 60.
My personal threshold is no less than 200 without malfunction.
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