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This is a discussion on Finally have my first Sig within the SIG Sauer Pistols forums, part of the SIG Sauer Forum category; Good afternoon, all. Yesterday I picked up a P229 SCT in 9mm for my wife for her to have as a bedside gun. Both of ...

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Finally have my first Sig

Good afternoon, all.

Yesterday I picked up a P229 SCT in 9mm for my wife for her to have as a bedside gun. Both of us are quite thrilled with the Sig, and are anxiously looking forward to taking it to the range.

I have a question about cleaners and lubricants. I have been a Glock carrier for some time and currently use Ballistol for both cleaning and lubricating. In typical Glock fashion they tend to not need a great deal of lubricating. It is my understanding that Sigs tend to require being kept a bit wetter. Please correct me if I am wrong. Essentially I am asking if Ballistol will be good enough or if I need to move more toward a heavier lubricant?

What do you folks use for cleaning and lubricating?

Thanks so much for your direction.

Take care, all.
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First off, congratulations on your p229. I have one in 9mm and it has really become my favorite gun. As far as cleaning goes, i just clean my gun with hoppes, oil my barrel with remoil, and i use synthetic, EP, waterproof grease on my rails. Put the slide on, and wipe off all of the excess.
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That is a very nice pistol. Congratulations! Sounds like you have what you need to take care of the Sig. You may want to consider the lube that comes with the Sig. It is really good stuff, but I'm sure what you have will work also.
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Ballistol is very good stuff. I use it on my Glocks as well as my Sigs, but I also use oil on the slide rails, and inside the slide channels on my Sigs. Up on top of the page check out Florks guide to lube. Sigs do like more oil than Glocks.
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Congratulations on your new Sig!!! I use CLP to clean and lubricate my Sig's...
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Congratulations on the new Sig, I think you will like it!!!

I am a lubrication addict, and make sure it is properly done! Flork's recommendation is an excellent guide for the Sig and all weapons.

I am a mechanical engineer and lubrication is essential to assure a full life of the machine. Firearms are a piece of mechanical equipment and do require lubrication to keep it is top condition and provide a full life. I also use Ballistol for all my firearms gto cleam and lubricate. Areas where there is no high pressure points I use oil. Areas like the slide and any high pressure points like the locking blocks and the slides, I use grease. There are many excellent gun oriented greases on the market, but I use the green Castrol Wheel bearing grease. Use it for years with zero problems. In the Summer, I use a light coating of grease from the can, in the Winter, I thin it down a little wih Ballistol so it is not so "thick" from the cold. If you are shooting at an indoor range, I use the summer coating of grease. If it is not thinned in the Winter, and you in cold temperatures, if may be to "thick".

Whatever you decide to use, oil and grease, and not over lubricated, will provide you a weapo that will last a lifetime!
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As this is a "bedside" gun, and thus not going to be outside, any quality gun lubricant will work for you. At a constant 68-76 f. degrees, it's not going to matter what you use.
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Thank you all so much for the replies, and the directions to check out Flork's recommendations. Good advice all around, and I can't say thank you enough.

Take care, all.
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Yep, SIGs need more lubrication since they have tighter tolerances from the factory. Oil the fire control parts, grease the rails and barrel hood and you're good to go. If you do this, that 229 will outlast you.

Glocks are rattle traps new from the factory (that's why they fire with mud packed all around/in them).

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