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This is a discussion on within the SIG Sauer Pistols forums, part of the SIG Sauer Forum category; Not spamming, just curious who has used them? I'm not sold on why this is necessary for any other reason than cosmetic? I mean I ...

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Old 06-26-2012, 08:01 PM   #1
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Not spamming, just curious who has used them?

I'm not sold on why this is necessary for any other reason than cosmetic? I mean I guess It would look pretty cool if you buffed the barrel and chamber, but other than that...?

Do these sacrifice any reliability?
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It is said by some that the extra weight helps reduce muzzle flip. I presonally have not noticed a significant difference. I do, however , like the SS guiderods for cosmetic and durability reasons. I am not a fan of plastic guide rods.

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I don't think they would really improve much, but they do look nice.
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I am of the opinion that if the pistol came with a plastic guide rod, run what it was designed to run. I have had no problems with my plastic guide rod in my SP2022. Glock even uses plastic guide rods, with no problems.

The guide rod's only function is something for the recoil spring to ride on during firing.

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Agree with everything earlier posters have said about cosmetics, weight & durability.

A plastic rod probably will not break on you, particularly if you replace it as frequently as you replace the recoil spring. With many Glocks that happens automatically if they have the dual-spring captive spring rods as in the subcompacts and now many or all of the Gen4 guns.

I have seen pics of the plastic rods with cracked end flanges, so it is possible for one to break, though I don't know much about how the gun was used or maintained prior to the rod cracking. I don't think I've ever heard/seen evidence of a steel rod breaking, but I'm sure they do if manufactured improperly.

I have one of these same stainless steel guide rods for my SP2022, but don't currently have it installed because it's not permissible for IDPA SSP classification. It's currently a backup guide rod for 'just in case.' Again, as long as you replace your plastic guide rod as frequently as the recoil spring (replacement of which the manufacturer should already have guidelines), I doubt you'll experience any issues.
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I guess I am too old school (I prefer pre polymer guns) but I can't stomach plastic parts in any of my sidearms that have anything to do with the functionality of the weapon (grips, lasers et al not with standing) replacing the polymer guide rod would be user preference IMHO.

I wouldn't begrudge someone who uses a poly rod over a steel rod anymore than they would for my my choosing not to.
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Old 06-27-2012, 02:34 PM   #7
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Ok thanks for the info guys, I guess I could see this as a possible part I might carry on hand or even run standard in my 2022. But I think at first I'd rather spend my money on ammunition and get the hang of this weapon.
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I have one in my P220 and in all of my Glocks.
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