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This is a discussion on 22 cal pistol within the SIG Sauer Pistols forums, part of the SIG Sauer Forum category; Does sjg make a 22 cal pistol? If so model # ? Or better yet where can i get one?...

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22 cal pistol

Does sjg make a 22 cal pistol? If so model # ? Or better yet where can i get one?
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Sig Mosquito is a .22 caliper pistol. Most gun shops that carry Sig can order one, but in today’s climate, it may take a while to do so.
You should be able to look locally and fine one, they’re pretty common.

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It's my understanding that Sig didn't make the Mosquito, just licensed their name to someone else. (may not be true just what I heard)

I had a Mosquito and it was junk. The only ammo it would shoot was CCI Mini mags. It was only ~80% reliable then. CCI Mini Mag ammo is expensive and hard to find. Kinda defeats the purpose for buying a .22.
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Sig no longer carries the Mosquito. It is avail as the GSG Firefly who manufactured it for Sig in the past.

The P938 in .22lr is still avail from Sig. The Target 4.1" long barrel version has been on Gunbroker lately for around $570. Sig pictures the short barrel on their website but says it has the 4.1" barrel. Sure wish Sig would proof read items on their website!

There were also some P226's in .22lr avail in the past 6 months.
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SIG also makes the P226 in .22. Got an SAO version a few weeks ago. There may still be some on GunBroker. Shoots very nicely.

I also have the P938 (3" version). The subcompact 938 is tough to shoot accurately until you work out all the bugs in your grip and trigger pull. Still working on it but anything 2" left and 1" down of where I'm aiming is dead meat.
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If you want a great .22 pistol and are not stuck on SIG, look at the Taurus TX22. It is very light weight and has a 16 round magazine. Google Taurus TX22 review. There are lots of reviews online.
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Old 06-29-2020, 06:41 AM   #7
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The Ruger MK series (iii, iv) are superb and reliable shooters.
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Here's a pair, I picked up a few months back, both SAOs, a "New" P226, and a "Used" P220...

Here's a P220 on Gun Broker... https://www.gunbroker.com/item/872661941

P226 on Gun Broker... https://www.gunbroker.com/item/872459212

There are also some 938s which can be converted to centerfire, which the Mosquito, or Firefly cannot, along with "some" 1911 models, that I'm not too familiar with... https://www.gunbroker.com/Semi-Auto-...13&PageSize=24
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I picked up a P229R 22LR off GB about 2 years ago for $399.

It’s fun to shoot, but definitely likes to be greased up (more so than any of my other SIGs). If I don’t run the rails wet, it will FTRB.

You've got me seriously looking at those P938 22s on GB. I passed up a 22 conversion for $125 a few years back and have been kicking myself ever since.
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Got a Ruger SR22 not too long ago, and it has been phenomenal so far with both CCI and Aguila High Velocity.

No jams, no nothing.
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Originally Posted by equetefue View Post
Got a Ruger SR22 not too long ago, and it has been phenomenal so far with both CCI and Aguila High Velocity.

No jams, no nothing.
I had my first FTE with my SR22 last week. That's after about 1500 rds, mostly Aguila Super Extra 22lr. I usually clean my weapons after each range trip but did not do so recently. Aguila is the cheapest 22lr ammo I've found and it is quite dirty so I suspect that's the reason.
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My two cents worth...The pistol to the left is a P226 SSE in 40 S&W with a 22 LR caliber exchange kit installed on it. I was fortunate to find it at a pawn shop. In my opinion, that's the way to go, same grip and same trigger pull. But there are some issues. It does not lock back on the last shot and if you don't count your shots you will get a dry fire and you can deform the chamber if ou get too many. Mine was like that when I got it and shooting it was no fun. I didn't have very much experience at the time and with the help a some shooting buddies, I figured it out. I got a 22 chamber repair tool from Brownell's and that fixed the problem. I found that those grey plastic drywall screw anchors loaded first into the magazine prevents damage if you lose count and have a dry fire. They are cheap and I get about three dry fires before they are so chewed up and I throw them out (turned 60 degrees between strikes). It seem that dry fires, FTEs and FTFs are in inevitable with 22. The second problem was finding the 22 ammo that the kit likes. I found that in 22, nothing is 100% reliable but I don't buy the expensive stuff. CCI is very good but I've had good luck with the Browning 40 Grain 1255 FPS stuff (cheaper than CCI). Looks just like the Winchester M22, but works does better in my pistol. In general you need to have at least 1200 FPS and heavier is better. Federal Champion (blue box works okay). I've three other P226s and have tired the kit on all of them and it's works better on some than others, with the same ammo. Now I have it on a SAO Elite RX that I got a while back as the dedicated 22. I put the 9mm RX slide on my 40 S&W Legion and no the Legion SAO 9mm has a 40 companion slide. the SSE got converted to 9mm with an aftermarket barrel and 9mm spring. When I start getting more FTEs I know it's time to use the tool. I inspect the chamber often. Its the price you pay for having a 22 kit on a full size P226 but it's not bad with the right ammo.

Okay, perhaps it was four cents...
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I have a P226 .22 Conversion kit that I bought years ago and it has been great, other than slide not locking back after last shot fired and should not dry fire. I think now one has to look for those used but it appears that there are some P226/P229 .22 pistols around.

Beyond that I suggest a Browning Buckmark, Ruger Mark series, or S&W Victory 22 pistol as these are all top tier in performance and reliability/durability for a reasonable price with a lot of factory and third party parts/upgrades available too.

However .22 LR ammo is pretty sparse availability these days, especially for typically favorite brands/loads, with usually significantly higher prices when found compared to not that many months ago. Aguila Super Extra HV 40 grain copper plated NO. 1B222328 is a good bet to possibly find at decent prices though higher than it was.

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If you want a .22 and a SIG, there is only one option. A SIG Trailside. It will be the most accurate .22 you own or will own unless you spend $$$$. It also has one of the best triggers you have ever fired. If you are searching they are kinda rare... but hold out for the one with target sights. The Trailside was made by Hämmerli so you know that it is great. I have a few Trailsides and always looking for more.

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Thanks for all the responses--gives me more things to think about
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