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EDC with unloaded pistol

This is a discussion on EDC with unloaded pistol within the SIG Sauer Pistols forums, part of the SIG Sauer Forum category; My neighbor is a retired Air-force Colonel who just got his Texas license to carry. His field was military police, and after retirement, worked in ...

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EDC with unloaded pistol

My neighbor is a retired Air-force Colonel who just got his Texas license to carry. His field was military police, and after retirement, worked in an upper level management position for a private security firm in Saudi Arabia for a few years.

He and his wife (also a retired colonel - personnel work) just bought a pair of P365XL pistols and plan to carry WITHOUT a round in the chamber, for maximum safety. He want's to be prepared/armed but is more concerned with safety than "holster to target" speed.

Do you suppose many people do this?
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Stupid ones, yes . . .
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Yikes, itís not the speed I worry about, consider this, you have a need to deploy the pistol, you go to rack the slide and due to nerves, sweat, fumble fingers, you short stoke the slide and it jams. I always carry with one in the chamber.
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Did he consider a P365 with a manual safety on, with round in the chamber, as a safety of use compromise?

I don't know any people that do what your neighbor does, but I know some people that do the above.
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What??? No round in the chamber.... might as well carry a pocket full of rocks. DUMB
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An EDC gun without a round in the chamber is pretty useless for self defense and can get you killed.

Not having a round ready to go:
1. Gives the person who wishes you harm the advantage as you now have to rack the slide which not only takes extra time but also lets the bad guy know that you are armed before you are ready to fire.
2. In a tense situation with adrenaline flowing you might also not fully rack the slide leading to an even worse situation if the round doesn't get chambered and you hear click when you pull the trigger.
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Originally Posted by Blazer View Post
Do you suppose many people do this?
I really hope not.

And I'm fairly certain no one they may need to defend themselves from is doing the same...
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One wouldn't carry a pocket knife without a blade in it.
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Retired Air Force Colonel.
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Originally Posted by Blazer View Post
Do you suppose many people do this?
Pretty sure many people do it. It's their right to play with their lives. Don't care to argue.
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Personally I did this for a couple weeks when I first started carrying my pistol. I did some youtubing to see the difference between time to fire with or without chambered round and did some practice myself, but after a couple weeks of good reps doing draw and fire and reholster practice, I felt a little more easy about carrying chambered. With some training and familiarity with the firearm, it'll probably change. I'd rather see people Aire on the side of caution when handling firearms than to be arrogant enough to think they're some navy seal, green beret delta force bro with no training. If you do want to carry that way though because for whatever reason you think it's better and safer, then you better train a lot and frequently to make sure you're ready to have to chamber a round when you need that tool to work.
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Originally Posted by Blazer View Post
Do you suppose many people do this?
I don't even know what to say. For their sake please educate them on the error of their thinking. They might as well have rocks in their holsters.
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At the end of the day I would rather carry a gun in a manner I feel is safe rather than not carry at all. I carry with one in the tube but I am not going to be harsh on others choices of doing that or not. The argument of the bad guy having an edge can be true to some extent, but in my opinion he already has the edge as he knows he is coming at you with violent intent. The point of concealed is so the bad guy and others have no clue you are armed thus giving an edge. If you are the main target of focus in an attack that requires you to deploy your pistol you are already at a disadvantage and seconds do count but I am not sure the racking a slide will make enough of a difference as if you are moving to draw from concealment the lead is already on its way from the aggressor most likely. Still better than rocks though.
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It's too late to prepare when the gun battle begins.
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Better they have a gun with them than not. If that is what makes them comfortable all the power to them. Maybe as they carry more they will learn to be more comfortable with it and can see how it might be better.

Too many wanna be operators/gun shop experts want to make people feel ******* dumb for such things. Don't be one of them support them carrying if this is the way they want to do it right now(or forever for that matter) let them.

Congratulate them on picking a fine weapon. Congratulate them on taking another step in the 2a world. Offer to be there if they have any questions.

I am happy to see more people buying protection. As a 2a community we need to welcome and understand this is new to people.

But as a community we want to ******* alienate people. We want to tell people that ******* "Tactical 2a Tim" says you should shove a gun aimed at your junk with a round in the chamber, weapon light, laser, and rmr or you might as well stay home and cower in fear because antifa is going to take over the world.

Thank him for his service for me.

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