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Your “Most Often Carried” SIG-Sauer Handgun?

This is a discussion on Your “Most Often Carried” SIG-Sauer Handgun? within the SIG Sauer Pistols forums, part of the SIG Sauer Forum category; We all tend to gravitate to one thing we find to be the “most satisfying” out of possible multiple choices. In my case I have ...

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Your “Most Often Carried” SIG-Sauer Handgun?

We all tend to gravitate to one thing we find to be the “most satisfying” out of possible multiple choices. In my case I have a number of options, depending on what category the item falls into.

So the category of this question is.... What SIG-Sauer handgun do YOU find yourself carrying most often, and what others do you occasionally rotate out with? Oh, and if it’s something other than SIG, I really don’t want to know about it... you heathen (hey, this IS a Sig forum... right?)! While I own as many Ruger firearms as I have Sigs, this question is 100% SIG-centric!

Since I asked the question, I’ll go first.....

While I carry ALL of my SIGs on occasion, THE ONE that I have found myself carrying at least 90% of the time is my lovely German-made P230SL, which as you know is 9mm kurz.... otherwise known in the USA as the .380 AUTO or .380ACP.

I bought this thing from a fellow forum member last year in unfired, literally “Like New In Box” condition. After about 200 rounds to break it in, it became 100% reliable with my preferred self-defense round (and el-cheapo range ammo), the Hornady Personal Defense cartridge. And in using that particular choice of ammo, and based upon its real-world performance stats, I simply feel completely fine with carrying what many will consider “not enough gun”! Naturally, a spare mag is almost always on me when I choose this particular weapon!!!

My other choices include my P225 (the “real” one, not the remake) in 9mm of course, P226/9mm, or P229 in either .40S&W or .357SIG, depending on my mood.

So, let the arguments begin!

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My P365 and I trade off carrying my G42 & G43. I carry my P229 357 sig when we are in the woods.
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P365 SAS. I love it.

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1911 Fastback Carry, P227 and now perhaps, my latest, a little P245 I just picked up.
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American Express. .357 SIG. P239.
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For summer while wearing sorts and t shirt I have been carrying the P365 MS.
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Work from home (even before CV) and carry a P238 around the house.
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1911 ultra c 45. Most carried handgun period. It just carries So comfortable.
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229 classic carry.
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P938 Legion!
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Easy. My P365 in a Kusiak IWB holster. Everyday. Everywhere.
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P229 .40 then P320 X-Compact .40
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P229 in 357. 14+1 and 2 Backup 14s
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P365 around the home in a pocket holster. When I’m out it’s usually P229 Legion SAO or P320 X-Compact or maybe my newest addition P229 German frame 40 but soon to be 357 Sig.

I guess you could say I like to rotate my carry guns. I also occasionally carry a P320 X-Carry RXP or one of my unmentionable 1911 Wilson's.
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The only SIG I carry is my P220 Carry Equinox , which I've carried for roughly 10 years in horse hide Super Tuck.

Due to a back problem that's been acting up, I decided to try OWB carry and recently bought a Ritchie Leather Company belt speed scabbard which has turned out to be an excellent choice that offers great fit and retention, extreme comfort, and about 90-95% of the concealment provided by carrying IWB.

Very little printing, comfortable to wear all day, and perfectly acceptable to wear anywhere under an untucked tee shirt or other shirt.

My original choice was a horsehide Kramer belt speed scabbard but the wait would have been about 11 weeks so I went to plan B, the Ritchie Belt Scabbard holster, and I'm very pleased with the construction and design.

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