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Anyone have a hard time picking up a Glock now that you own a Sig??

This is a discussion on Anyone have a hard time picking up a Glock now that you own a Sig?? within the SIG Sauer Pistols forums, part of the SIG Sauer Forum category; No Glocks here. I know they are a fine duty/defensive firearm, and I can shoot them reasonably well, but they've never felt good in my ...

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No Glocks here. I know they are a fine duty/defensive firearm, and I can shoot them reasonably well, but they've never felt good in my hand.
My first Sig was a 2022. I was like, "You picked this up for $400...holy ****, what a buy!"
Runs like a gazelle, comfy and drills 'em toward the middle. All I have to do is my part.

My second Sig was a 551-A1 rifle. Maligned on some of the AR boards and by some Swiss "purists." A little unusual to see out and about, probably 'cause of the proprietary magazines. That said, I can't say a bad word about mine. Trucks on, put's 'em where they are supposed to go. Rugged rifle. I can't complain.

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Glock's are the uglies most reliable guns ever made. I have owned several over the years. Do I like them "Hell No". Would I bet my life on them "Hell Yes". My fire arm of preference is a 1911. This is what is used in competition shooting and what I carry every day. As far as I am concerned, there is nothing more accurate than a 1911 and in my opinion the finest firearm ever made.
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I own a SIG, XD, Para Ord, S&W Sigma, Colt MK4 Series 70 - and five Glocks. Although the others have their appeal, and usefullness, the Glocks get called first when trouble brews. Simple, rugged, reliable, and low weight really matters in an everyday carry weapon. Cheers.
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Just my .02 worth as far as either of those groups go I wouldn't be ashamed to show them off. As far as combat acuracy goes they are tops. Just curious what gen is the G19 you have? I found that I didn't like the finger grooves on my Gen 3 gun so I removed them and stippled the whole grip. It feels a lot better. I also have a a P228 that is balls accurate. As far as shootability, reliability, and ergonomics the 228 gets my vote. The G19 gets my vote for rugged have it in the go bag / car gun.

Semper Fi
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Thanks. Gen 4. I've enjoyed it very much.
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Originally Posted by QuadRacer View Post
It's easy to see how someone could take pride in owning a Sig, H&K, etc. I can also see why someone would buy a Glock but it would be for entirely different reasons. There's nothing "prestigious" about a Glock. It does what it does very well but it's not something you show off to your friends.
I agree I have sigs and one glock. I carry the G27 sub .40 everyday on my ankle for work. and Im an electrician crawling through floors digging, climbing ladders, climbing around in ceilings.. etc. I never notice the gun and I really dont care if it get dinged up. Its like you said great for what it does. Its a clutch gun to me, comes in when you need it most. But if I would go to war, my main weapon would be the Sig P250 .45 with a compact frame and full size slide and even then I would probably have another sig as a backup but still the glock will always have that special place on my ankle for the last stand.
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same for me & said it before, several sigs but for sd/hd, a g30.
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Originally Posted by Tom5407 View Post
If my life absolutely depended on a weapon it would be a Glock Period.
Same for me.
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Originally Posted by Mystro View Post
If my life and family was dependent on one handgun, it would be a Sig Sauer P series. Out of 26 handguns, my Sig P229 gets the honer of being the "first responder". Dependability, accuracy, and superior economics under stress. Picking a First response gun was a tough choice for me. Years of IPSC, IDPA and two trips to Gunsite with the 1911 has made the choice very difficult. What tipped the scale to the Sig was the extended beaver tail felt and aimed like my 1911 but the Sigs larger round count over the 1911 gives it the nod. I do not want to be carrying a extra magazines for routine bump in the night noise checks. I tend to look at guns more from a offense position rather than a defense of position.
I agree 100 percent. My go to gun would be my P226 though any of my P series SIGs and my SP2022 could do as well.

I still like my Glock a lot but I do so much better with one of my SIGs or Walther PPQ and trust them all 100 percent. I also trust my Gen 2 Glock 19 100 percent. I can not say that about the latest Glocks. There simply too many people I know having issues with them compared the the "good" Gen 3 and earlier Glocks when it was almost a given that a Glock was good to go out of the box. I know some say it is no big deal but I don't want my SD pistol throwing brass into my face while I am trying to use it.

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I never could talk myself into owning a Glock, although I have a great deal of respect for the ingenuity, I just, dont, like, them. I finally gave in though and bought a 2022, looking at the polymer gun in my hand, I know for certain I wouldnt be diggin' it if it were anything other than a SIG.
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When I'm shooting with Glock guys and they offer, I'll certainly run a magazine or two downrange. (My own cartridges, of course). Not a danged thing wrong with Glocks ... just not my first choice.

I have a S&W Shield in 9mm on order. Danged if it's not taking a long time to come in. Smith must be doing some things right. Took me a while to find some 10-round magazines for my M&P 15-22. They are way handier from the bench. Out of stock everywhere. Finally ordered five from the manufacturer ... one came right away, the other four were back ordered. Go them all within a month, though.

Demand either must be way up or production down. Some of their products are getting tough to find at retail.

When friends ask me about Glocks, I try to line them up with a Glock shooter so they can get a feel, first. If they go that way, grand. I know they'll be happy. I do remind them that I personally would avoid waistband carry and get a holster with a firm top. That trigger-in-trigger as a lone safety has always made me a tiny bit nervous about them. But that's just me.

I'm happy with my DA/SA Sig, my Bersa .380, my wheelguns and, soon, a 1911. If you go with a quality firearm, I think it all comes down to fit and preferences.
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I think I am experiencing some sort of Glock fatigue. Certainly agree with all their merits, own a few, think there should be one in every room and vehicle. But...I carry my SIGs. Like to clean them better. Like to shoot them better (even though I shoot my G19 best of all).

Twice now I've gone to the store specifically to pick up another Glock because they are so damn useful...only to walk out with something much more expensive I probably didn't need. Once was the SIG716. I could have bought 3 Glocks and tweaked them right at that price!
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When I go the range and shoot with my buddies and brother at the range and they offer to let me shoot their glocks, after shooting my XDM45, SIGp226, Sig 1911, CZ75, CZ SP-01, and CZ 75 P-01 I have no desire to shoot a Glock and as far as dependability I have no problem with counting on any of the ones listed. But my Sigs are my edc and goto firearms, and will always be, compared to the Glocks. Of course to each their own.

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I think the Glock is reliable but it's reputation for being the reliable king has been blown way out of proportion from all the keyboard comandos. To be honest, I have had to send two different Glocks back for warranty service. I don't believe Glocks are any more reliable than any other gun. Glock is the Cornflakes of pistols. You can live on it, you know what every box will taste like, it will fill you up but some people have a more complexed pallet and want and need to eat steak. Just my own personal experience.
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i have four glocks and only one Sig (won't be the only one for long though). all but one of the glocks get carried as a concealed weapon at some point. I've contemplated carrying my Sig but at this point Im not as proficient with the Sig as i am with the glock. plus, when carrying, i prefer the weight savings glock brings to the table. glock are simple, plain and ridiculously reliable (at least the ones i own have been). i trust either my Sig or my glocks should the need arise. i do however like how the Sig just feels solid in the hand and is built like a tank. Sig has opened my eyes and caused me to branch out a little bit though in terms of handguns.
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