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safe queens

Do have them? If so what do u have?
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I have Shooters!
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I think truly dedicated shooters don't have safe queens. Maybe if you're just a collector, but not if you're a real shooter. I have no intention of EVER buying a gun that I don't fully intend to shoot.

I have one gun that comes close to being a safe queen, but only because it was a gun that belonged to a very close friend of mine who passed away and his family gave it to me when he died. I shoot it once a year sometime around his birthday.
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nope but I'm thinking hard about not shooting the 938 any more. with a serial number as low as mine I propbably SHOULD be a safe queen
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We have one.

Sig 239SAS .40 with a DAK.

Neither one of us likes the trigger. Had it for 4 or 5 years and it doesn't have 50 rounds down the tube.
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Originally Posted by Vetteguy904 View Post
nope but I'm thinking hard about not shooting the 938 any more. with a serial number as low as mine I propbably SHOULD be a safe queen
Send it back and reference me. After major re-work good shooter, now!
PM me I'll send you the finished work order!
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a few of each
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No safe queens for me, but some get exercised more than others. I try to shoot all my handguns at least one a month.
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Old 10-22-2012, 07:02 AM   #9
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Nope, I'm a shooter. No room in the safe for weapons I won't/can't shoot.
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None for me. I buy 'em to shoot 'em, and I do.
Doesn't mean I never take a financial hit. I had an unfired, NIB Winchester 9422 XTR. It sat t in safe for nearly a year, but a I couldn't take it anymore. Finally had to see how it shot.
Eh, not bad, but the lever gun and the v-and-post sights just weren't my thing anymore. Loved 'em when I was a kid, but had better eyes then. Now I like a semi or a bolt, quite often with some optics for work at any range. Shot some value out of that gun with the first round, but still got a good trade on it.
Handguns ... no matter how pretty, how unusual, they cry for me to take them to the range.
Shotguns, the same. I've got a beautiful 16 ga. O/U that is my first-choice pheasant gun. Stunning wood (did pretty well on the refinish myself, if I do say so.) I've had guys ask me, "You hunt that gun?"
Well, hell yes! It's my handling dream and I just love the 16 for ringnecks.
I like a good-looking gun, but for me the real joy is in the performance. And if the performance is sub-standard or just not my thing ... there's something else waiting out there that might need a home in my safe.
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Old 10-22-2012, 11:43 AM   #11
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No safe queens left. If I don't shoot them, I sell them.

Kept a couple of guns too long because I thought I SHOULD keep them. After a while, I realized SHOULD did no enter into the equation.
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My grandpa gave me his old 1970-manufactured Winchester Model 70 .338 Win Mag when I turned sixteen. It's got a beautiful wood stock, deep, glossy-blue finish, and nice adjustable iron sights with a hooded front post (no scope... Yet). I've put 43 rounds through it since I got it from him five years ago. Four shooting sessions total. 19 in the first, 20 in the second, 1 in the third, and 3 in the fourth. I clean it about four or five times a year and it sleeps in a silicone-impregnated sock inside of a soft-sided rifle case in a gun safe. It's the only firearm that my grandfather had ever given someone. As you can imagine, it means a lot to me. It's far from perfect, with some nasty scratches and a few rubbed-out spots in the bluing, but it still looks beautiful. Someday, I hope to restore it to a level of breathtaking beauty and accuracy. I'll finally put a scope on it someday, but only when I find the right one. It will always be "Grandpa's bear rifle from when the family was in Alaska." It's the only thing in my arsenal that comes close to "safe queen," because most of the others shack out in my Jeep in front of my house hahaha! The SIG is, of course, almost always within reach.


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