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Snubbed for being a Sig owner

This is a discussion on Snubbed for being a Sig owner within the SIG Sauer Pistols forums, part of the SIG Sauer Forum category; Good luck and good shooting my SIG brothers and sisters. Keep your sights clean and your powder dry....

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When you shoot the best (SIG), no comment is required!!!

Good luck and good shooting my SIG brothers and sisters. Keep your sights clean and your powder dry.
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I suppose that I am lucky now at the present group that I am privileged to shoot among. Many have Sigs and others simply know the targets and the safety of proper handling matter much more than brand or popularity.
However, previously shooting at a more urban range, I did also find myself demonstrating the weapon's ability to outshoot me! Things just became quiet from then forward. Suited me fine.
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There was a time in the ... ahem... 70's when I first started my spiral down the gun buying rabbit hole. Like most folks, I bought what I could afford and sort of hid the manufacturer of my firearms at the range, somewhat humiliated by the fact that I didn't have a Colt Elite, a Wilson Custom, etc. I hated the "Oh! I see you have a Mossberg, or an XXX whatever!" accompanied by a supercilious look. My skills were being honed in the US Army back when they taught true marksmanship. As my abilities to put steel on target, especially when compared with some of the folks around me shooting, I came to realize the guys with the souped up race guns or high dollar rifles and shotguns weren't shooting better than I was, rather just the opposite. At that point I had an epiphany. The brand of the firearm, so long as it is of decent quality, doesn't matter nearly as much as the one pulling the trigger on it.
I remember Guns and Ammo in the 80's when IPSC shooting was the brand new rage, more than one match was won by a NIB stock handgun. That's when I decided to be "that guy," the one who could pick up anything and shoot it well.
Now, these many years later, I'm proficient with nearly anything handed to me. I own Glocks, Sigs, Colts, etc. Because I cut my teeth on an 1911 and became a police officer, I had some work done on my Colt 1911 .45 ACP to enhance functioning. Now, 10's of thousands of rounds later, it is as slick and fast as a viper and accurate.
To sum up this meandering discourse, I am no longer a gun snob. If the guy next to you has a $10,000 souped up whatever, goodie for him. As for me, I love my Sig P320 carry .45, .40 and 9mm as much as I love my 1911.
As the old saying goes, "It isn't what you've got, its what you do with it."
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I must be antisocial... I rarely talk to anyone else at the range.

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