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This is a discussion on More MCX legacy questions within the SIG Sauer Rifles forums, part of the SIG Sauer Forum category; Hi guys it's been a while since I've been on the forum. I had a few questions if you guys don't mind giving your input/experience ...

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More MCX legacy questions

Hi guys it's been a while since I've been on the forum. I had a few questions if you guys don't mind giving your input/experience with any of these upgrades.

I just switched out my stock trigger with the Sig Match lite Duo trigger and tbh it's a lot better but I'm not really impressed. It's ok but it feels exactly like the trigger on my Sig M400 before I upgraded it to a Geissele SSP. I plan on trying some other triggers on both the M400 and MCX in the future as well like the ALG ACT. I wanted to pick up a Geissele SSA MCX trigger but they're nowhere to be found nowadays. Seems like it's discontinued but I'm not sure? So if anyone has one for sale please lmk. There's also the Triggertech flat trigger for the MCX and was wondering if any of you running one like it compared to the Match Duo or the SSA? My trigger gauge should be delivered soon so I'll be able to compare the pull weight on the Match Duo and the rest of my triggers. Can't believe I waited so long to pick one up. smh I also read that the MCX is very rough on most of these triggers. Are there any triggers that seem to take the abuse the MCX puts on it better than others? Also wondering if I can try using a Geissele Rapid Fire trigger in the MCX or is it not compatible and the trigger needs to be MCX specific?

I also recently upgraded my charging handle with the Radian Raptor Lt. So far I like it compared to the stock and got lucky because it seems like I got the last one from Optics Planet. There's also the NLA ambi charging handle I want to try out as well. Any opinions on that CH over the Raptor? I'm getting my suppressor soon so I wish Radian would make a SD version for the MCX with the vent holes for the gas.

Also, I still have the stock keymod handguard on my MCX. It's the 16" patrol model. Forgot to add this so you guys know which version I'm talking about. Anyhow, I was wondering if the Midwest industries m-lok rail was worth picking up? I use and have more m-lok accessories so it wouldn't be a bad idea but is the rail less prone from shifting during heavy use and abuse or are they both just as reliable?

Also curious to know what flash hiders or comps you guys prefer over the stock ones? I have both the 16" 5.56 and 300 blk barrels. The stock flash hider kinda suck when shooting from the prone but it's not too bad. Considering a surefire warcomp or flash hider.

Sorry about asking so many questions in one thread but your experience with any of these upgrades and any recommendation will be greatly appreciated! Thanks guys!

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The Midwest handguard is a huge upgrade. I'd recommend it.

I don't think you need an SD charging handle, don't those just redirect gas from an AR gas tube which the MCX doesn't have? Either way, my 11.5 is not very gassy with the stock one.

With triggers, one thing to keep in mind is that you need a stronger hammer spring than an AR because the hammer has to have enough energy to push past the firing pin block and then over come the firing pin safety spring.

I tried to use a KE Arms SLT trigger. It's an amazing trigger, and works perfectly in an AR. But even with removing the firing pin block I was getting a lot of light primer strikes due to not having enough energy to overcome the firing pin spring. That's when I just put in the Sig Match Lite Duo trigger and called it good enough.

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Yeah, MCX-SSA's hammer bridge assembly makes for a robust trigger set. It's smooth pull and crisp break feels good too, but SIG's Match Duo isn't far behind. In a side by side comparison you'll feel a difference, but may not want'a pay up hundreds $$s for the Geissele until long range precision shooting becomes a top priority.

Your muzzle devise depends on the suppressor you mentioned. I run Surefire adapters because my 5.56/223 can is their SOCOM556-RC. So, make sure your muzzle devises are compatable with your suppressor.

You didn't mention your optic, and these 16" rifles' performance benefit greatly with a quality 6 to 10x scope at 100yds & beyond. Suggest upgrading your optic and perhaps a nice bipod & sling before switching that handguard.

Also, you're right - almost everything is currently out of stock. Frankly, this is the worse possible time to equip your rifle. So, ya gotta have patience!!

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